Monday, December 12, 2011

I am thankful

Since this is a time of year when we are reminded of our many blessings, I thought I would take a stab at listing the ABCs of the things I am thankful for.  This list will include mostly the people in my life.
A:  Abby - Thank you for your example of righteousness and your willingness to try new things.
     Andrea - Thank you for making Joe happy and for your great sense of humor.
     Addie - Thank you for your keen sense of curiosity.
     Afton -Thank you for joining in in all the family fun and for being a sweet princess.
B:  Ben - Thank you for your example of persistence and for sharing your creativity with us.
      Brynn - Thank you for your smile and for your desire to choose the right.
      Brigg - Thank you for your sensitive spirit and the reminder of my little Hannah when I look in your eyes.
C:  Caleb - Thank you for being such a good friend to all and for your excellent example to them.
      CJ - Thank you for your emails and for you willingness to help with Xander and Mia and Zoey
D:  Dodge -  Thank you for loving your mom and for your happy disposition.
E:  Elizabeth - Besty, I already had 3 B names so I went with Elizabeth for you.  Thank you for your adventurous spirit and I am grateful that you survived that crash long ago.
     Ellie - Thank you for your sweet serenades in the morning.
F:  Football - Go Cougars!
G:  Golf - I don't play much, but I am thankful when I can get together with my sons and sons in law for a best-ball scramble.
 H:  Hannah - Thank you for your ability to organize and be on top of things.
I:  India - Thank you for your warm smile.
J:  Joe - Thank you for being my fix-it consultant.  As long as I can remember, you have been helping me with my projects.  I am grateful that you survived that crash long ago.
     Jess - Jess Dog!  You are the man.  Next time you visit, let's pull out another tooth.  Thank you for your help with my projects.  You are a lot like your dad.
     Jared - Thank you for your fun spirit.  I love hanging out with you.
K:  Kathy - Thank you for your constant companionship, for believing in me, for helping me be better.  You are the love of my life.
     Kendall - Good job on that MBA!  Thanks for making Hannah happy and thanks for those sweet boys.
     Kameron - Thank you for always being ready and able to help me with so many things.  Thanks for loving Abby and treating her so well.
    Kaitlyn - I am grateful that you are so talented and smart.
L:  Luke - I am grateful for your unique personality.  Thank you for being obedient.
     Lea - I have heard recordings of your giggling.  I'm thankful that you are happy.
M:  Mia - I'm thankful that you have a vivid imagination.
      Mira - I'm thankful for your happy face and smiling eyes.
N:  Nathan - I'm thankful that you are such a fun little boy who likes to throw things.
O:  Olivia (Livy) - I used Olivia instead of Livy because I needed a good O word and you certainly are good.  I'm grateful that you are so talented and fearless.
P:  Parents - I am thankful for parents who have helped me all of my life.  Thanks for the support.
     Porter - I love your name.  I'm thankful that you love life so much.
Q:  Quiet - I'm thankful for quiet.  We are watching Luke and Brigg and they are in bed and it is quiet.
R:  Russell: I'm thankful that you are such a good husband and father.  And I love you even though you always cheat so Betsy can win at family games.  Thanks for your example of family service.
    Reid - I'm thankful that you are such a fun person.  When you get that look in your eye I know something mischievous is about to happen.
S:  Sarah - Thank you for staying in close contact.  Even though you live far away, you remain in our lives via the phone or internet.
    Scott - Thanks for providing for Sarah and the kids.  Thanks for being a fun person.  Thanks for your example of service.
    Sam - I am thankful that you are such a good big brother and such a good conversationalist.
T:   Toyota - I couldn't think of a better T word.  We have had one or more Toyotas since 1986.  They are good cars.
U:  Ukulele - I am grateful that Caleb can play a ukulele and that Joe can make one.
V:   Valerie - Thanks for your positive attitude, your great skill at taking pictures, and your excellence in mothering.
W:  Waffles - Nothing like an Eggo Waffle for breakfast.
X:   Xander - Hey X-man!  I'm thankful that you are a good brother and are so helpful.
Y:   Yogurt - Pretty lame.  I can't think of any other Y word.  I do like Yoplait Yogurt.
Z:   Zoey - I'm thankful for your funny dances.  You go girl!